Friday, November 30, 2007

Sharepoint list deployment

As we all know by now (unfortunately) deployment is one of the big "pain areas" in SharePoint 2007, specially the deployment of custom lists and document libraries. There are already several blog posts out there covering this topic but it seems that they all miss something (i.e. some cover out to deploy document libraries but not mention how to configure the library to use custom content types). The Microsoft documentation is, as usual, very thin on this area as well.

To cover this area I'm planing to post a blog called "One Stop Shop for creating Sharepoint libraries via features" that will cover:
1) How to deploy custom lists via features
2) How to deploy custom document libraries via features
3) How to use a custom content types in a list definition
4) How to deploy views.

In the mean time here are the pointers to some useful blog posts about custom lists deployment:

Creating a Custom Document Library Feature in WSS V3 / MOSS 2007
Add a custom list definition to SharePoint
Using a SharePoint 2007 content type in a List definition

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