Thursday, June 09, 2005

Single Sign On with Forms Authentication ?

Read this article to find out how (unfortunately will not work with SharePoint or ASP applications).

Keith's Security Book

Nice of Keith Brown to make his excellent security book available online for reference. But please remember to buy the hardcopy if you like the book. This would hopefully encourage other writers to do the same.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

SharePoint Site Definitions

Site definitions are the way to go if you want to brand your SharePoint team site. Unfortunately there is no clever GUI tool to do this so you will need to go back to the old fashion way - Manual editing. Find out how in this article

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Monday, April 04, 2005

Software Factories

Are Software Factories the solution to the reuse Holy Grail? What is the future for the Software Craftsman?
Have a look and decide for yourself.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sharepoint Template

Keep forgetting how to create a Sharepoint web site template ? Here are the instructions.

XML to PDF Converter

If you want to generate sever side reports in PDF from XML data then Ibex PDF Creator is the tool for you. Some of my colleagues have used it and the results (and speed) are very impressive.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Requirements, Requirements, Requirements...

Those are the three most valuable artifacts of a project. Requirements should drive most (if not all) activities in a project. A project should be architectural centric and requirements driven... We have all heard these cliches before but how exactly does one manage requirements in an iterative process? How do we make sure that all team members are rowing the same way?

Supporting Iterative Development Through Requirements Management gives a good insight on how effective requirements management can be accomplished in an iterative process - in this case using the Rational unified Process (RUP). Even if you are using another iterative process (like SCRUM or XP) the article should give some good ideas.

If you are not using an iterative process then forget about the article and read "Why should I be using an iterative process" instead.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I Believe in BLOBs

I'm talking about SQL server Binary Large Objects. Storing files in a database BLOB it's a very clever way of improving your application maintainability and in avoiding possible permissions nightmares. The File Upload with ASP.Net article shows how to upload a file from a browser and store it in a BLOB.

Unit testing made easy

Unit testing has taken a new momentum with the rise of the agile development practices. NUnit is a fantastic and simple unit-testing framework for all .Net languages but if you used it before you have probably come across the difficulty on how to isolate the unit that you want to test. NMock was created to address this issue. Mock Objects to the Rescue is a very good article on how to use this useful tool.

If you have not used NUnit before you will find a good introduction on the Test Driven C# msdn article.

Hosting ASP.NET Web applications

For good practices on how to host multiple ASP applications have a look at chapter 20 of the Improving Web Application Security book from the Microsoft Patterns and Practices series. I quite like their recommendation on isolating applications by identity

Security Contexts in ASP.NET

If you, like me, were confused about the different security contexts in IIS and how can they affect the way that you connect to SQL server look no further, Keith Brown's article A tale of Three Security contexts in ASP.NET tells everything that you need to know. Just remember that in IIS6 things work slightly different (i.e. you now have application pools and the default ASPNET account has been replaced by the "Network Service" account).